The Essentials About Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Women love to use essential oils on the skin, in baths and body oils for perfume, beauty, health and relaxation.

If you are pregnant, congratulations! Now is the time to take very special care of your body. Below are lists of oils to help you relax, avoid stretch marks as well as oils you should strictly avoid during pregnancy. Never apply essential oils directly on your skin.

Ayurveda & Aromatherapy: The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing is a fantastic book about essential oils by Light Miller, N.D. and Brian Miller, D.C.

For Relaxation
In a bath use a few drops of a single oil or combination oils with each other from the following: Chamomile, lavender, rosewood, geranium.

Stretch Mark Prevention
Choose a base oil like almond, grape seed, safflower or sesame. Add 5-6 drops of a relaxing essential oil or rose, sage or tangerine oil.

Almond oil is a fantastic carrier oil.

Massage the oil mixture all over your body once daily. Do not apply to your face. I use these oil blends everyday, and my skin stays remarkably smooth, supple and young looking. In other words, this daily routine is a great way to care for skin even when you are not pregnant. In addition, you can add several drops of a mixture into baths to add moisture to skin. Try making several different ready made blends to match different moods, one flowery, one earthy, etc.

Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy
Most of the following herb oils and herbs have been known to cause uterine contractions which may lead to miscarriage. Also avoid taking these herbs as teas during pregnancy. Never use these oils to induce a miscarriage because they may lead to serious hemorrhaging. This list is not exhaustive so always talk to your healthcare practitioner before using any oils not mentioned in this article.

AVOID: Angelica, anise, basil, camphor, champa, citronella, hyssop, jasmine, juniper, lemon balm, lovage, marjoram, melissa, musk, mustard, myrrh, pennyroyal, peppermint, rosemary, clary sage, savory, Spanish thyme, tarragon, thyme, wintergreen, raspberry.

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  1. Layce1 says:

    Do you know if carrot oil is okay to use while pregnant? I would like to make my own sunscreen this year and this oil is suppose to have a wonderful SPF. Also I wanted to make a bug repellent but from what I remember it was peppermint and rosemary that did they job. Do you know of any other pregnancy safe oils that would work? Thanks so much for the article so far it has been the only useful one I have found on using essential oils while pregnant.

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