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Stress, Anxiety, & Panic Attack Relief with Acupuncture & Herbs

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Anxiety and Panic Attack Treatments with acupuncture and Chinese herbs are fast acting, safe, effective. Chinese medicine recognizes that a variety of causes and conditions continually arise in life which shift our energy. Because of these shifts we may not feel happy all the time, nor are we expected to according to the Chinese medical perspective.

In fact, the person in optimal health will experience the full range of emotions, but without getting stuck in any one emotional state. When stress, anxiety and panic attacks get in the way of life, patients need fast acting treatments. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs offer a natural, safe and effective method of treatment.

In clinical practice, the patients I treat recover quickly from stress, anxiety and panic attack treatments. When I treat people with stress and emotional disorders using acupuncture and Chinese herbs I tailor an individualized and focused treatment strategy to the specific imbalances of each person.

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I gently place acupuncture needles in the body to open up blockages in energy flow, and to support systems that are weak or out of balance with the rest of the body. My approach allows the body to heal itself naturally, and the tailored treatment provides effective. Treatment also aims to resolve the problems from the root cause, for lasting relief. I also teach home care stress reduction techniques.

“After my second appointment with Juliette I never suffered from another anxiety attack again, and it has now been almost a year since I first visited her. I am so grateful to Juliette. I admit I went into this a little skeptical but Juliette Aiyana is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to, as soon as I met her I was immediately glad I made the appointment. Each week I would look forward to my appointment, it was such a relaxing experience. I have such faith in Juliette that I have referred her to friends with various ailments who have also had great results with her. I highly recommend Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. without reservations.” – Christine READ MORE PATIENT ENDORSEMENTS HERE


 Many people are not aware that when stress builds up in their system they experience physical or emotional symptoms. Some symptoms of stress are heart palpitations, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, or problems with digestion, sleep, memory, or motivation. Sometimes stress or a traumatic event leads to general anxiety or panic attacks.


Stress, Anxiety & Emotions

 Emotions only cause imbalance if they are extreme, or if the patient holds on to them for long periods of time. If a person’s body experiences symptoms of imbalance, it means the energy flow is either blocked, deficient, or out of balance. Both physical and emotional wellness depends on a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs balance energy by harmonizing the flow the energy, the result of which is smooth flow and thereby reduces and/or eliminates stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

One way to achieve emotional balance is through treatment based on the Chinese Five Element system. Each of the five systems is interrelated, and the health of each one depends on balance between all of them. The five elements are fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Within the elemental relationships, each emotion relates to a specific organ. The five emotions are joy which affects the heart energy, fear/fright which affects the kidney energy, sadness/grief which affect the lung energy, anger/frustration which affects the liver energy, and worry/over-thinking which affects the spleen energy.

Stress, Anxiety & Pain

Physically, stress has several effects on the body. The main problem it causes is stuck or blocked energy, also known as stagnation. When symptoms appear, it signals that energy in one or more pathway is blocked. Some symptoms of qi stagnation are neck and back pain, fatigue, PMS, menstrual cramps or infertility. Over time symptoms become more severe and spread to other systems in the body. Treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs will resolve the cause of energetic disharmony to heal the physical symptoms and prevent future disease.

At-Home Stress Relief

 To “wash” your body and mind clean of stress and less than desirable experiences, emotions and events, try the following tips to help bring harmony back to your physical and emotional self, by smoothing out energy flow:

  1. Sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize sitting by stream of water flowing gently by. When thoughts come into your head, they are part of the stream, just flowing by you. Allow yourself to consider the thought and then let it go on its way down the stream, not getting caught or lingering too long in your mind.
  2. Breath slowly and deeply. On the inhale, fill your lungs, chest, and belly completely with fresh clean air. On the exhale, release out all the air, along with the tension and built up thoughts and stresses from the day. Oxygen will circulate throughout the lungs and entire body, opening clogged areas and releasing tension from your mind and muscles. Many times during the day we don’t realize how shallowly we have been breathing.
  3. Firmly brush your limbs off, from the trunk of your body outwards. Start at the shoulders and brush out to fingertips, and past them, as if brushing a thick dust off each sleeve. Then, sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, start at the hips and brush all the way down to feet. Energetically, this releases negative or stagnated energy, and refreshes the natural balance of the body, enhancing circulation and washing impurities out of body and mind.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation

Try Acupuncture & Herbs for Panic Attack Treatments.

It Works!


Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac., Herbalist, Author

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In Your Home
Dharmaseed.org is digitally converting over 6,000 talks, many of which are accessible online, and has a catalog of recorded meditation teachings on tape or CD, all of which are priced on a donation scale. In other words, you pay what you can afford with the added benefit of listening to them in the comfort of your home according to your time schedule. Talks are by such teachers as Sharon Salsberg, Philip Moffitt, Silvia Boorstien and Jose Reissig. Contact: http://www.dharmaseed.org, call (800) 969.7333 or e-mail dharma@crocker.com

New York Insight Meditation

NYIMC is a non residential center which offers classes and day long retreats. Classes are donation basis or free. I frequent the weekend day-long retreats which are hosted by a variety of teachers. The space is comfortable with chairs or zafu cushions, tea and water. Contact: http://www.nyimc.org 28 West 28th Street, NYC

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is associated with NYIM and is located in Barre, Massachusetts. Many of its retreats can be paid for on a sliding scale basis. Contact: http://www.dharma.org, Call: (978) 355.4378, or E-mail: ims@dharma.org

Tibet House

Tibet House is dedicated to the proposition that the wisdom and arts of all human civilizations vitally enrich the emerging global culture. They focus on a special concern for Tibet, its people, its spectacular highlands, and its civilization of extraordinary wisdom and beauty. Tibet’s vast high plateau is the size of the United States west of the Mississippi. Its mountain snows give rise to Asia’s greatest rivers, sustaining the lives of 40% of humanity. The hidden heart of Asia, it has served during the last thousand years of invasion as the treasury of Asia’s most sophisticated spiritual arts and sciences. Yet its precious Buddhist civilization of wisdom, compassion, peace, and harmony is under a real threat of imminent extinction. By presenting Tibetan civilization, its profound wisdom and special art of freedom, to the people of the world, we hope to inspire them to join the effort to save it. Tibet House New York is part of a worldwide network of Tibetan institutions committed to ensuring that the light of the Tibetan spirit never disappears from the face of the earth. Tibet often offers affordable meditation classes. Contact: http://www.tibethouse.org 22 West 15th Street NYC (212) 807.0563

Menla Mountian Retreat

Menla Retreat center in the Catskill Mountains is named for the medicine Buddha, Menla. The center’s land was gifted to the Dalai Lama by its previous owner. I went to Menla for its first Medicine Buddha teaching and initiation with the Gaden Jangtse Twawa Dhangtsen Monks and Robert Thurman. The energy on the mountain is incredibly powerful and relaxing. The accommodations were clean, simple and comfortable. The food was organic, vegetarian and delicious. The other retreat attendees were very friendly and open. I met people of all ages and walks of life. My experience on the mountain was extraordinarily beautiful. Immediately upon my arrival I knew I was in the right place. I found a nearby stream on the property and sat quietly. Within moments I felt clear and relaxed as I felt my body and mind soften. The retreat was empowering and challenging to my mind, spirit and body. (Have you ever sat in lotus for 3 days?) Aspects of my self changed and developed with the guidance and teaching of Geshe Jigme Gyatso and Robert Thurman, through the initiation and the healing puja the monks blessed us with. This is the first time I was part of this kind of ceremony. I think that had I attended a different event on the mountain I still would have come back feeling very relaxed and centered because the energy there is just so healing.