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Manage & Prevent Headaches, Naturally

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Headache Therapy & PreventionThe onset of a headache or migraine is a sign that your body is out of balance, and needs your attention.

The faster the headache is relieved, the faster you can get back to your normal quality of life.


Useful Tips on How to Manage and Prevent Headaches                                               

  1. Catch it early. As soon as the headache starts, start taking control before it gets worse.Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Headache Therapy & Prevention
  2. Take a 10 minute break from what you’re doing and rest in a quiet, comfortable, dark room.
  3. Drink a glass of room temperature water.
  4. Breathe deeply, relax your jaw and relax. Gently rub out the tension in your shoulders, neck and temples.
  5. Get Acupuncture, massage and take Chinese herbs help get rid of an acute headache.
  6. Talk to your health practitioner for help in identifying food triggers. Common triggers are MSG/DSG, wheat, alcohol, salty foods, processed foods, dairy especially aged cheese. Fasting or skipping meals can also trigger attacks.
“I came in to see Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac., herbalist for acupuncture in order to control my migraines, but she surpassed all of my expectations. Since our first meeting, I have now been migraine free for 7 months and completely off all medication. I had suffered from migraines since I was 8 years old, with occurrences ranging from once a month to four times per week. The preventive medication prescribed by my doctor was ineffective and I was unwilling to increase the dosage any further. This is when I decided to seek Juliette’s help.

On our first meeting, Juliette was extremely welcoming. She explained how many sessions of acupuncture were needed and also suggested some minor dietary adjustments. After the first session and after following Juliette’s dietary advice, I quickly noticed a vast improvement in my migraines.

Over the course of my acupuncture sessions, we began reducing the amount of migraine medication that I was taking, until I was finally completely off of it. And still I have not had a migraine. Juliette was both kind and professional at every session.

Even though I have finished my acupuncture sessions, Juliette still takes the time to check in every now and then to ensure that my migraines have not returned. It has truly been a blessing and a relief to be migraine free for these past 7 months. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from migraines to make an appointment with Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac., Herbalist.” -Female Patient Age 20

                                                                                                             Headache Prevention:

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Headache Therapy & Prevention
Choose Natural Treatments to Ease Pain
  1. Keep stress levels as low as possible, and avoid situations that trigger extra tension.
  2. Do not skip meals, stay hydrated with water, and do your best to get good sleep each night.
  3. Consider the amount of caffeine in your body; sometimes headaches are withdrawal from caffeine when the body is addicted.
  4. Maintain good posture throughout the day to allow for adequate circulation between your head and body.
  5. Acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbs help prevent headaches.

If chronic headaches are a problem for you, consider getting drug-free treatment under the care of Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac.

Many headache sufferers have found permanent relief with Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Herbs Headache Therapy Acupuncture

Try Acupuncture. It Works!

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