Juliette Aiyana HerbalistCan’t Make it to NYC for an Appointment?  Let’s Meet via Skype! I Will Personally Mentor You About:

* Balancing  diet with whole foods according the to the principles of Chinese medicinal dietary therapy and using modern nutritional sense. 

* Recommendations to create and harmonious and healthy lifestyle, work and family relationships.

* Suggestions for styles of exercise or stretching that might help you, 

* Recommendations about herbs, vitamins, nutritional supplements and other natural healing methods that may help you to feel better.

* Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac, Herbalist will create a tailor made herbal formula to support your individual health concerns. (The cost of herbs are additional).

You Also Receive

  • e-Mail support
  • Invitations to special events.
  • Promotional pricing on our e-Classes and e-Books.
  • 15% off every order of professional grade provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, standardized herbal extracts, green foods, and essential fatty acids – from the world’s leading brands of professional supplements.

How Long is the Consultation?

The first consultation lasts 1 to 1.5  hours. You will have access to Juliette Aiyana for more support via two follow-up e-mails within 2 months of your initial consultation.

How Much is It and How Do I Pay?

The fee is $150 for the first consultation which take about , payable 1-week prior to your appointment to be submitted along with your 3-day food journal.

Follow-up fee is $70 for 15-30 minutes. All credit cards are accepted.

Skype/G-mail Video Chat appointment slots are limited, and in demand, so we ask for you to observe the following policy; We require a 48-hour notice of cancellation and you will be permitted to reschedule once.

If you cancel with less than a 48-hour notice, we will charge the full fee and you will not be permitted to reschedule.

If you are late to the appointment call, Juliette reserves the right to end the call at the scheduled ending time. Therefore we urge you to be on time for your consultation so that you derive the most benefit during your appointment time.

How Can I Schedule My Consultation?

Call 646-504-2251 

If you live in or nearby to New York City, Juliette Aiyana suggests that you make an appointment to see her in person at her NYC office Aiyana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, NYC.

Focused Consultation. Juliette Aiyana took a careful medical history prior to treatment and incorporated at-home care suggestions into our conversation. This was empowering, to me, as I began to think about what my body was trying to communicate. Her intelligence, warm demeanor and effectiveness are what sets her apart in her field”.


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Special Note:

By making an appointment for a wellness consultation with Juliette Aiyana you agree that it will not replace medical advice from a medical doctor.  Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions HERE.