Chinese Medicine Offers Natural Acne Treatment That Works.

Young woman on sofa.You have arrived here because you are looking for an acne treatment that works with quick results, free of harsh chemical side-effects. 

You are in search of healthy, glowing skin and want to use a natural, inside-out approach to clear skin.

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Juliette Aiyana is New York City’s Chinese Herbal Dermatology Expert


Chinese medicine is successful because the herbs are custom blended precisely to balance your unique skincare needs, unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of chemical pharmaceutical medications. No two patients in Juliette Aiyana’s natural dermatology practice receive the same herbal blend for acne.

Most patients’ skin transforms into a noticeably clearer and smoother complexion within 2 weeks. The entire course of treatment may last only about 3 to 6 months.

Juliette Aiyana’s Chinese herbal pharmacy will blend and ship the herbs directly to you. Simply drink the concentrated herb liquid twice per day.

Acupuncture for acne is very helpful especially if you break out into pimples due to stress, anxiety, or hormonal imbalance. If you are not in NYC, then along with your Skype consultation, Juliette Aiyana will help you find a qualified, board certified acupuncturist for acne nearby.


Many patients had engaged in a complicated skin care regimen after trying numerous products, used daily or in rotation, many of which contain harsh chemicals or endocrine disruptors.

Juliette teaches patients to reduce the number of products they use and to replace them with natural, Chinese herbal skin care products resulting in softer, cleaner, luminous skin.

You will be introduced to gentle, all natural, powerfully healing and calming herbal cleansers, toners, masks, and lotions for use on your skin at home. The topical skin care line is meticulously crafted in Colorado by a Chinese Medicine dermatology expert herbalist.

Juliette’s patients are thrilled with their internal and topical treatment results and report that is unlike anything they have ever tried to cure their acne.

And, like you, they have tried most everything else.

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“The herb flower cleanser makes my skin feel cleaner, clearer, and softer than anything I’ve ever tried! It cleanses better than my Clarisonic, which I no longer need. After only two weeks of the Chinese herbal treatment, there have been no more painful cystic breakouts. I only found one whitehead a few days before my period.”  —  32 Year Old Female

“I first went to Juliette Aiyana after four months of sudden constant acne breakouts and I had no idea how to improve it. Since I have always been interested in Chinese herbal medicine, I did my research and scheduled an appointment. Juliette is amazing; I always enjoy my visits at her office. She really takes time to get to know you and has great recommendations. After taking herb formulas and following Juliette’s advice, my skin began to improve quickly. I have been taking Chinese herbs and using the topical herbs on my skin since my first visit and my skin has cleared out completely in about 4 weeks. My fingernails have even gotten stronger. I am very happy and feel great.” — 28 Year Old Female

Case Report: A 24 year old female came in with chronic, painful cystic acne she’d had since her early teens. Over the years she received unsuccessful treatments from a dermatologist, including Accutane, several rounds of antibiotics, birth control pills, and topical retinoids. She then tried working with a naturopath who placed her on a very restrictive diet with eight different supplements to take daily. Additionally, she used a very complicated home skin care regimen. None of the therapies worked. Within one month on Chinese herbs and a simplified skin care regimen, her skin was 80% clearer with only blemishes left. Within two months of treatment her skin was 95% clear. Her dermatologist was shocked at the amazing results and asked Juliette to come speak to her and her staff about Chinese herbal medicine for acne.

Juliette Aiyana’s Natural Acne Treatment Strategy

  • Adult & Pediatric Patient Care
  • Natural, Non-Toxic Topical Washes, Toners, Masks & Lotions
  • Natural and Effective Vitamins and Supplements
  • Nutritional Support, Information & Education

About Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine For Dermatology

Acne affect nearly 85% of Americans. Most medical doctors have a standard treatment providing temporary relief for these dermatological conditions. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, address the patient as a whole and treat the root causes instead of only symptoms.  Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac., Herbalist custom tailors treatment for each patient and changes the treatment as needed as the skin heals.

As an adjunct faculty member, she has taught Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment of dermatology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC.

How Long Does Treatment Take To Work?

You are broken out, embarrassed and stressed. You don’t like how your skin looks. You want fast relief.

Patients commonly experience significant relief from acne within two weeks and it just keeps getting better after that.

The full course of treatment takes three to six months but some tougher cases take longer to heal.

During the first segment of treatment focuses is on clearing the skin of acne and stopping the pattern of breakouts.

During the second segment of treatment focuses on repairing and nourishing the skin and harmonizing the root cause of energetic disharmony to prevent flare-ups. In Juliette’s clinical experience, when patients skip out on this second phase of treatment, the likelihood of the skin disorder reappearing is very high.

Chinese medicine treats the root cause of disharmony in the body.

Ms. Aiyana’s treatment method usually completely clears skin problems and they rarely reappear.

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Chinese Herbs Are Safer Than Chemical Acne Treatments

Side Effects of Chinese Herbal Treatment

The List of Chinese Herbal Internal and Topical Treatment Side Effects Is Short

  1. Short term increase in acne breakouts
  2. Slight digestive distress
  3. Mild irritation or allergic reaction to topical products
  4. Very rare reports of dizziness and fatigue

Pregnant women should avoid Chinese herbs for acne.


Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Acne Treatment

The Long List of Pharmaceutical Medications and Chemical Topical Product Side Effects

  1. Bacterial resistance and digestive problems from antibiotics such as tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, erythromycin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and azithromycin for acne
  2. Fertility and/or menstrual problems due to long term use of hormonal birth control pill
  3. Spironolactone side effects include: frequent and urgent urination, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, breast tenderness, dizziness and lightheadedness, vomiting, diarrhea and more
  4. Isotretinoin/Accutane for acne is notorious for its long list of serious side effects; it is known to cause inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), female infertility, crusty skin, thinning of the hair, nosebleeds, dry lips and mouth, stomach pain, peeling of skin on palms of hands and soles of feet, depression/suicidal thoughts, and carries a very high risk of severe birth defects if taken even for a short period of time while pregnant
  5. Many topical products cause irritation, redness, rashes, increased breakouts, endocrine disruption or other side effects; search yours in the Safe Cosmetics Database to view its rating