Is it true that Gouji berries are an aphrodisiac?

Dear Professor Juliette,

Gou Ji berries are also known as, Matrimony Vine Fruit, for it’s aphrodisiac effect

Is it true that gouji berries are an aphrodisiac?


Bernice, Age 37

Columbus, Ohio



Dear Bernice,

Yes! Yes! Yes! This berry is not known as Matrimony Vine Root for nothing. Of course you needn’t be married to enjoy it’s benefits. The trick is to eat enough of the berries for them to be effective.  Eat about 24 pieces of the dried berry around one hour before you want to get down. You can rinse them and cook them in a romantic dinner, or eat them by the handful. My favorite method if to take it as a tincture. Simply rinse and dry the berries, then place them into a glass, pour vodka over them then cover. Wait one week. Then drink one shot before pressing play on your iPod’s slow jam playlist.


Learn more about the benefits of GouJi Berries here.


Have fun,

Prof. Juliette

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