Acupuncture and Fertility Research

IVF and Acupuncture:
On October 20, 2004, a study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine confirmed that Acupuncture used before and after embryo transfer results in higher pregnancy rates. Half of the women in the study received acupuncture and the other half did not.

The results showed:

  • The Acupuncture group had a 51% pregnancy rate compared to only 36% in the control group.
  • The Acupuncture group had only an 8% miscarriage rate compared to 20% in the control group.

The above mentioned study confirms the results of a German study, published in April of 2002 in Highlights in Fertility and Sterility (Vol. 77, No. 4, April 2002), which indicates that using acupuncture with IVF treatment significantly increases the chance of successful pregnancy.


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The results of this study showed:

  • 34 out of 80 women in the Acupuncture group became pregnant.
  • Only 21 out of 80 women in the control group became pregnant.

Physician-scientists at New York Cornell-Wiell medical center report that acupuncture treatments have the following potential fertility-boosting benefits:

  • Increased blood flow to the uterus and therefore uterine wall thickness, an important marker for fertility
  • Increased endorphin production, which, in turn, has been shown to effect the release of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), a decapeptide involved in regulating reproduction
  • Lower stress hormones responsible for infertility
  • Impact on plasma levels of the fertility hormones: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), and Progesterone (P)
  • Normalization of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, a key process in fertility
  • A positive effect for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal imbalance present in three percent of adolescents and adults.

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